A soldier awakens in a hospital bed amidst the chaos of war. Unable to move, he feels a sense of hopelessness as he watches a nurse, whose presence feels almost surreal, preparing to sedate him once more to alleviate his grim reality.

Visual adaptation filmed onĀ 16mm Film (ARRI SR3)
Production: ESCAC
Cinematography | Editing
A brief visual experience about emigrating; leaving everything known behind and starting anew, being someone else who continues to discover and lose themselves with the hope of finding themselves one day.
Direction / Cinematography / Editing - Alain Noguez
Produced by Elura Films
A project for the Master of Cinematography, inspired by a sequence from Wong Kar-Wai's film "2046."
Cinematography - Alain Noguez
Arriflex 435 - KODAK Vision3 - 35mm Film
"No hables" is a brief visual sequence about two fugitive women who feel they are being trapped by an evil that seems to be manifesting itself. It is a climactic sequence encapsulated within its microfiction.
Direction / Cinematography / Editing - Alain Noguez
We delve into the introspection of a girl named Rebecca, and immersed in her thoughts, we delve into the deepest desires and nostalgias.
Direction / Cinematography / Editing - Alain Noguez
Produced by Elura Films 2017
Winner of the Viewer's Award selection at the Zurich Film Festival 2018.
A young woman and her sister live in a place surrounded by darkness. Despite her sister's warnings about the dangers, the curious younger sister has an intuition to find an exit to another dimension through the darkness.

Script | Cinematography | Editing
Stills from the Short film "Me llamo Andrea"
Cinematography - Alain Noguez
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